International Security Services, Inc. (ISS) was founded by George Kozhar in 1999. Mr. Kozhar brought to his company over 25 years of experience as a special services officer with former Soviet Union government. Since its conception, ISS gained recognition for providing outstanding security training and services. ISS is a full service firm dealing with multi-faceted world of both: the private sector and law enforcement needs. ISS offers security training, fire prevention tasks, investigative services, eavesdropping countermeasures (debugging) services, video surveillances, physical surveillance, video monitoring, security services, security equipment and security consultation.
ISS Security Training

ISS Security Training provides specialized security training for private sector State Of New York. Areas of instruction include:

  • 8 Hour Pre Assignment Course for Security Guards,
  • 47 Hour Armed Guards training,
  • annual refreshment courses for both Armed and Unarmed Security,
  • 16 Hour On Job Training Course.
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Security Equipment

ISS represents major manufacturers of CCTV and earesdropping countermeasures products. Our technicians are available for customized packaging of covert video applications.

Security Consulting

ISS maintains, on staff, trained security professionals capable of conducting complete security reviews to enhance physical security of company property and assets and personal security for employees and executives. Service available also in former Soviet Union countries.

Fire Prevention Services

ISS is accredited by the Fire Department City Of New York (FDNY) to instruct and certify individuals in the FIRE SAFETY and EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN Director courses. We at ISS are proud of the level of satisfaction reported by both present and previous clients.
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Earesdropping Countermeasures Services

ISS conducts discreet and confidential in-depth earesdropping countermeasures (debugging) surveys. Our technicians use current state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. ISS' technicians provide the most thorough eavesdropping countermeasures services available anywhere.


ISS conducts professional, confidential and discreet investigations throughout the United States and most foreign countries. ISS has full-time, licensed investigators on staff offering a variety of investigative expertise. All of our investigators are licensed and regulated by the State Of New York. Our investigative staff is augmented by a worldwide network of professional associates. These assets provide ISS with the capability to perform covert/overt investigative and intelligence operations efficiently, timely and discreetly.

Video Surveillance

ISS installs overt and covert video systems for investigative operations and designs systems for commercial and residential use. ISS technicians will customize a monitoring and recording system to a client's individual needs, providing foe a quality video documentation.

Security Services

ISS is managed by security professionals with extensive security operations and military experience. We can provide to our clients Armed and Unarmed security services as well as escorting and executive protections.