We can provide Exclusive special protection, investigation and surveillance in United States and in Russia the former Soviet Union.

Change bodyguard to Executive protection. Whether you need a single agent or a full staff for VIP/Executive Protection, we can supply you with highly trained, discret and professional operatives.
We also teach a 47-hour armed security guard training course that trains individuals in the proper use and handling of firearms, the penal law and "criminal procedure with regard to physical force. We take students to the shooting range where they must score 70 or higher to be able to work as an armed security guard in New York State. This work includes Executive Protection and armed guard assignments. This course is open to qualified individuals interested in learning the proper use and safe handling of firearms in order to obtain employment in this exciting field. It emphasizes safety, and classes, are given in English and Russian.

We specialize in the following areas for your surveillance needs at very competitive rates:

  • Video surveillance, audio surveillance, photographs
  • Electronic and physical surveillance
  • Personal injury cases (i.e. auto accidents, slips and falls, insurance fraud and more)
  • Background investigations
  • Missing person searches, Parole, Probation, Pagers, Cell Phone, P.O. Box tracing
  • Social Security searches
  • DMV searches, Licensing verifications
  • Criminal records, Executive and corporate searches
  • Skip tracing, Debugging (premises, cars, home)
  • Matrimonial matters
  • Verification and Authentication of documents
  • Investigation
    Find a lost or missing relative or bring closure to a difficult adoption search for and Locate missing heirs, witnesses or subjects of research. Find a deadbeat dad (or mom) for child support enforcement. Locate a tenant who has skipped out, owing you rent or payment for damages. Find the current address and other vital information needed for satisfaction of a court ordered judgment.
    Find deadbeats, debtors, alumni, military personnel, or anyone for whom you need to find current addresses. If you need to update your contact or mailing lists, do large volume skip tracing or locate several people at once, we can provide that service quickly, efficiently and at a great savings to you.
    Our company has a special Intelligence Department that works on getting up to date information pertaining to the area you are in or going to be attending. We will help stop your company's losses due to corporate espionage, and protect your investments privacy and well-being.
    For example, have you ever seen those advertisements in magazines from individuals who seek spouses from other countries? How do you know the people who answer won't marry you simply to get a green card? One way to find out is to hire us, who frequently travel abroad to see just how honest these individuals are. We check out their backgrounds. Are they married? Do they have kids? Have they been arrested? These are the things we look for? We specialize in the Russian market because we speak the language fluently, and can relate to the Russian community. Services on territories of former Soviet Union
    Detective activity on territories of former Soviet Union is in full volume. We get assistance from Ministry of Internal Affairs carries out FSB (former KGB) and Military Investigation of Russia.
  • Check out legal status of financial, economic status of firm, organisations, or private people who are residing abroad.
  • We provide observation of passage, trading, financial bargains, and contracts.
  • We serve V.I.P. with full character of representation.
  • Assistance in contacting vital authorities in areas where your company potentually will conducting business.
  • A meeting, support and protection will be provided in full by us. Round the clock and in any volume, any character and representation.
  • Search and analysis of information within a country with which your company conducts business.
  • Search and detection of persons residing abroad.
  • We also provide services such as claiming of duties,credits, maintenance of performance of contract obligations by the partners.